Authorities are warning against price gouging of baby formula. Here’s what to do if you suspect overcharging.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is warning businesses that price gouging is illegal as parents struggle to find baby formula during a nationwide shortage.
Authorities say that parents should not pay if they think prices at the store are inflated. 
“Anyone who seeks to take advantage of this crisis is on notice. I also urge any parent who is struggling to find formula to speak with their child’s doctor before altering or using formula other than directed,” says James.
If you think a retailer is overcharging, report it! You can file a complaint with your state. Below are the links to their forms:

To report: 

Provide the specific increased prices, the dates, and places that you saw the increased prices, and the types of formula being sold; and
Provide copies of the sales receipts and photos of the advertised prices, if available.