Authorities respond to hazmat incident in Fairfield

Fire, police and hazmat teams responded to a chemical spill Saturday on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield.
Seven people were taken to the hospital after emergency workers were called to 24-45 Black Rock Turnpike at about 1 p.m. Officials say that six of those transported to the hospital were emergency responders.
The last person is an employee of Lucy's Kitchen. Police say it was an extraordinary set of circumstances that led to him being chemically burned over 40 percent of his body.
They say that when the 17-year-old employee had a seizure, he knocked over a couple of gallons of bleach along with some floor stripper.
?When emergency crews arrived on scene, they found an individual lying in a pool of chemicals,? says Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson of the Fairfield Fire Department.
In a related story, police say a Fairfield officer on his way to the hazmat scene got into a car crash by Fairfield University and is now in the hospital.
Police say Officer Mike Guilfoyle is not seriously hurt.