Avoiding long lines and angry parents – 'Build-A-Bear' revamps ‘Pay Your Age’ promotion

'Build-A-Bear' is revamping the "Pay Your Age" promotion that caused long lines, store closings, and angry parents just a year ago.
The promotion lets customers pay their age in dollars for a stuffed animal. 
It caused long lines at stores last year, with some people having to wait over seven hours.
The company this year is taking a few steps to avoid the lines.
Shoppers will have to sign up on the company's website for a chance to get a limited ticket – 200,000 will be available around the world.
They must sign up for the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards program using their email from June 11 through midnight on June 16.
If selected, customers will be assigned a window of time to visit a store from June 24 to 28.
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