BACK TO SCHOOL: New Milford mayor, police chief offer key tips for drivers and students for the new school year

It’s back to the books for hundreds of kids Thursday, including New Milford students.
Amid all of the excitement, police are stressing the importance of road safety for students’ commutes to school.
New Milford Mayor Pete Bass and Police Chief Spencer Cerruto took to social media to offer up some safety tips for the first day of school and beyond.
Among the topics were the importance of stopping for school buses when their red lights are flashing.
"Children are going to be everywhere. And I want you to drive like children are everywhere,” says Cerruto. “Give them a break, hit the brakes when you see the children on the side of the road, stop when you see the red flashing lights. Bus drivers, give them a break also."
Police also stressed knowing the speed limits in school zones in order to properly slow down.
They also talked about how kids might not fully pay attention as they cross streets, so people should stay alert, and keep your phone down. They added that some crosswalks might not have crossing guards.
And finally, they asked drivers to go slowly past parked cars, because kids might be getting out of them to cross the street.