Bad Bronx MTA bus service needs jumpstart, says lawmaker

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) express bus service is anything but in the Bronx, according to a lawmaker who wants to jumpstart the service.State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) recently released the results of a study he initiated after he says riders flooded his office with complaints. Klein says the problem started in 2004 when the MTA consolidated seven private bus companies that service the city. Close to 65 percent of 127 surveyed riders said they prefer the previous service. Klein says late and inconsistent service is a major problem for commuters.
The study recommends including more Wall Street stops, hiring more dispatchers and increasing weekend service. Klein also says it is ?ridiculous? that MTA buses don?t accept cash when express bus service is $5. An MTA spokesperson says the agency is reviewing the findings.