High school students plan to build, fly airplane as part of new program

Bassick High School students are planning to build and fly an airplane as part of a new educational program.
If in-person classes resume this fall, students will get to slowly build the plane at school every day over the course of a year or two.
Then, they'll get to fly it.
"Where else can you do this? This is not available to anybody," says Steve Blume with Bassick High School. "I jumped at it because it's for the students."
Tango Flight, a non-for-profit organization, sponsors the program and chose Bassick because of Bridgeport's aviation history.
Superintendent Mike Testani, of Bridgeport Public Schools, says students cannot wait.
"Oh they're excited. I think they're intrigued. The unknown is to build an airplane. I think once they see an example of the product, its going to give them a little bit of more motivation to try and get it done so they can see it in full operation," Testani says.
At least 15 students are signed up for the program and will build the plane right at school.
Many more are expected to sign up.