Battle of the badges: Police, firefighters hold blood donation competition in Milford

Police officers and firefighters faced off in Milford to see which department could get more people to donate blood to the American Red Cross.
The American Red Cross and Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate 'Battle of the Badges' blood drive hosted their 5th annual event Friday.
This year the Milford Fire Department took the lead, their second time winning the competition.
The event supports Milford's police and fire departments.
The blood donated at the Woodruff Family YMCA hit the organization's 300-gallon mark - meaning 2,400 donations. One pint of blood gives life to three others.
Angelo Fischetti of Shelton donated blood at the event and says he donates blood around every eight weeks.
"It's important to give back. Everybody needs blood, for all kinds of reasons. It's an easy thing to do, painless, and it's actually really healthy. So, it kind of makes sense all around, it's a win-win for everybody," he said.
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