Beach concession stands lighten up their menus

Concession stands at Connecticut beaches are serving many more options including more greens and nutritious food.
Owners of the concession stands say it?s a trend that started years ago. They say patrons began asking for healthier sandwiches, fruits and vegetables.
?Everything's on whole wheat, whether it's a PBJ or grilled cheese. The nuggets are white meat nuggets, that's all they want,? John Barlik, who works at a concession stand at Greenwich Point, said.
Joey's By the Sea in Westport and others offer low-carb wraps, specialty salads and vitamin water. Even the fried stuff is cooked olive oil and vegetable oil.
Though the healthier options may cost a little more, many say it?s worth it. However, some beachgoers said they didn?t know healthier foods were offered.