Belmont Ave. residents complain about dog waste

Residents of Belmont Avenue are complaining that their neighbors do not properly clean up after their dogs.
Residents say piles of dog waste are lined up along the avenue between 181st and 182nd streets. Neighbors say they have to constantly look down while walking in order to avoid stepping in dog waste. ?You really gotta watch your step when you come by here,? resident Charles Whitfield says.
Community members say they are frustrated by dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. They say there are signs all along the block informing residents to scoop up the poop, but the block is still a mess. They say they?ve witnessed people from more than two blocks away come to their stretch of Belmont Avenue just to walk their dogs.
A nearby playground and school bring high traffic to the block, which causes an extra inconvenience for those who must avoid stepping in the mess. ?Especially in the morning,? Whitfield says. ?There?s so many people and they?re moving fast, so you don?t really have a lot of time to look down.?
Locals say they don?t like when their children walk down the block because it is unsanitary and hazardous to their health.
Anyone who is caught not cleaning up after their dog can face up to $100 in fines.