Berlinetta Brewing pitches in to help Ukrainians with World Central Kitchen

A Bridgeport brewery is pitching in to help Ukrainians as Russia continues its assault on their country.
Berlinetta Brewing's Richard Ruggiero says he felt powerless watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfold on TV.
"We just wanted to help out in whatever way we could, and we make beer, so we thought we could sell that beer and make money to help those people," he said.
Half the price of every pint of Berlinetta's Velvet Pilsner sold this March will help Ukrainians via the World Central Kitchen.
"Refugees that are fleeing the country, they'll have a hot meal, or the men that are fighting, or anyone else staying, they'll also provide food for them," said Ruggiero.
Velvet Pilsner is named after the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia that ended 40 years of Communist rule. Ruggiero's wife Olga says she was a child in the country at the time.
Olga says Russian aggression is making friends and family nervous.
"We don't know what Putin's end goal is, and that's troubling, and it's scary," said Olga Ruggiero.