Bethel Fire Department warns of dangers of charging cellphone under pillow while sleeping

The Bethel Fire Department shared a picture of what could happen when charging a cellphone underneath a pillow.
The image shows a burn mark through the mattress of a bed, along with a badly burned cellphone charger.
The fire department shared with images on its Instagram and Facebook pages and says the startling pictures were given to them by a woman in town.
"These pictures from a neighbor in town who wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the dangers of charging a cell phone underneath a pillow at night. Fortunately, no one was injured, and the smoldering remnants of the charger never fully caught fire," officials wrote.
Fire officials say cellphones require adequate ventilation to dissipate heat from the chargers, processors, and batteries and that manufacturers often recommend charging phones on a solid, ventilated surface like the top of a nightstand.