Bill to let towns, cities pay full salary to officers retiring due to violent injuries

Legislators passed a bill Wednesday that would allow towns and cities to pay the full active duty salary to police officers who were forced to retire due to violent injuries.
Until now, they could only receive three-quarters of that money.
Norwalk Police Officer Phil Roselle says the news is a godsend.
Roselle was accidentally shot at the department’s gun range back in 2017. He says he has struggled with declining health since then.
While towns still have discretion whether to make those payments, Roselle says his quest has the support of his mayor. Roselle says he hopes the news gives him the strength to improve his health enough to get on the list for a new kidney.
His family believes this is the first bill of its kind in the country, and they are looking forward to helping disabled officers in other states follow in their footsteps.