Bitter Blast: Cold temperatures stick around; snow possible on Friday

NOW: Storm Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says it will be another cold night. Temperatures will fall back into the teens but it will feel like the single digits. A few snow showers may pop up tomorrow with more possible on Friday.
While some snow and ice has melted, it's time for refreezing again at night. Treated surfaces are wet and slushy but anything untreated will be strictly ice from this point on. Temperatures are not above freezing for several days.
NEW: Winter sets in and in a big way through the rest of this week. Temperatures will fall into the teens overnight. Wind chills will be in the single digits not just for tonight, but tomorrow night and into the weekend.
Another round of arctic air will hit after more snow on Friday. So basically, nothing will have a chance to fully melt even during the daytime. This snow and ice mixture will be on the ground the rest of the week, with more snow added on Friday afternoon. Temperatures slowly recover by next Sunday and the following week.
THURSDAY: Partly sunny, risk of flurries or isolated snow showers. High 32.
FRIDAY: Cloudy with snow developing in the afternoon and evening. High 32.
SATURDAY: VERY COLD. High near 22. Mostly sunny and windy.
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. High near 32.
MONDAY: High 37 Mostly sunny.