Bitter Blast: Cold today with wind chills in 30s and 20s for Connecticut

WHAT'S NEW: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says the coldest air of the season so far has arrived. The feel-like temperature overnight will be in the teens. One more cold day before temperatures turn around again.
WHAT'S NEXT: The weather quickly recovers and temperatures turn around by Thursday. Highs are back in the 40s with some dry weather. A slight warmup comes our way Friday and through the weekend. Risk of rain comes in too.
WEDNESDAY: Sun and clouds. Chilly and breezy. High of 39 degrees.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny, warmer. High of 47 degrees.
FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. Showers late. High of 50 degrees.
SATURDAY: Partly sunny. High 49 degrees.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy, showers. High 51 degrees.