STORM WATCH: Bitter cold and risk of flurries for Connecticut; more snow for Friday

WHAT’S NOW: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says tonight will be mostly cloudy and dry. More refreezing as temperatures drop again. Watch for ice. Temperatures are low, but they won't be quite as harsh waking up Friday morning.
WHAT'S NEXT: Light snowstorm for Friday and another arctic blast. Highs tomorrow will reach the upper 20s. Temperatures will plummet on Friday night back into the teens. Cold air will stay through the whole weekend. Dry for the weekend. Next week will be much milder with 40s making a comeback and some rain about mid week.
FRIDAY: Clouds and snow. High of 29 degrees.
SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and windy. High near 24 degrees.
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny and windy. High near 30 degrees.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny. High of 35 degrees.
TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Mild. High of 42 degrees.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Risk of rain. High of 44 degrees.