Black bear dines on backyard bird feeders in Fairfield

A black bear was captured on video helping itself to some wild bird feeders in a Fairfield backyard.
Fairfield residents Bill and Kathy Hopf are no strangers to wildlife, having a backyard full of birds, rodents, squirrels, chipmunks and even foxes.
However, in the 17 years they've lived at their Hemlock Hills Road North home in Greenfield Hill, they never expected to see a black bear.
The bear was spotted in their backyard Saturday morning.
"I was making breakfast, and I heard this real loud bang. And what it was, was the bear had pulled the bird feeder off the house," Bill says.
Video shows the bear snacking on some sunflower seeds from the bird feeder.
Bill says he told Kathy and their son to come downstairs.
"The bear eventually walked around and started eating out of the feeder with the dome on it," Bill says.
The bear even stood on two feet as it chowed down on seeds.
The couple says they were fascinated and not scared.
Kathy says she eventually opened the door and shooed the bear away, because she didn't want him to tear up the rest of the bird feeders.
The bear scampered off into the woods before the couple reported the sighting to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.