Blind Ridgefield woman now running with guide dog

Ten years ago when her kids were young, Karen Dewing started to lose her eyesight.

Mark Sudol

Jun 8, 2023, 9:26 PM

Updated 347 days ago


A Ridgefield woman is able to enjoy life again thanks to her trusty companion and guide dog, Flint.
Karen Dewing has always enjoyed being active. She has a whole scrapbook full of her accomplishments, including when she played field hockey in high school in Princeton, New Jersey.
But 10 years ago when her kids were young, Dewing started to lose her eyesight.
"I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of my retina in my early 30s," said Dewing.
Doctors told her it would happen slowly, but it happened sooner than she thought.
"About three years ago where it went very quickly at the end, and I ultimately now am completely blind," said Dewing.
Right after that, she was introduced to her black Lab Flint through Guiding Eyes for the Blind in New York.
"We're together pretty much 24-7," said Dewing.
Flint now helps her navigate her way through life.
"Flint means everything to me because I don't think most people understand what it's like to have to have complete faith and trust in a dog," said Dewing.
Dewing has now developed so much faith in Flint that she has taken her daily routine a step further, to running.
"We have run a 5K together," said Dewing.
Dewing has done specialized training with Guiding Eyes for the Blind that has given her a whole new outlook.
"Go for it. You can do anything you want to do," said Dewing.
Flint is taking Dewing out of the darkness and opening new doors. Dewing and Flint may do some more running events this fall.

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