Bloomberg plan credited with fewer BX, city kids going to hospitals for asthma

A report credits Mayor Michael Bloomberg with the decrease in Bronx and city children going to the hospital for asthma attacks.
A New York Post article says Bloomberg?s initiative, called the Asthma Management Plan, is helping parents deal with their kid?s illness. The plan gives comprehensive medical treatment for children. It also has guidelines on how to keep asthma in check. Those guidelines include measuring breathing capacity, signs of an impending attack and when parents should call a doctor.
The Health and Hospital Corporation (HHC) says public hospitals had more than 3,000 less children visits for asthma in 2005 from 2003. The HHC also says during that same time period there were 800 less pediatric hospital admissions for asthma. According to the health department, although the number of kids going to the hospital is down in Bronx and the city, it is still higher than the national average.