Blue Envelope Program makes traffic stops easier for people with disabilities

Connecticut has found a way to make it easier for people with special needs should they be approached by police on the road.
The Blue Envelope Program, which is a new state law, was created to improve communication between a police officer and a driver who is on the autism spectrum.
Jeffry Spahr's 19-year-old son Jack has autism, and he says this new implementation could greatly help his son.
"I know the Norwalk Police Department has always been on the forefront and proactive as far as teaching your officers about how to deal with members of the public who might be on the spectrum," said Spahr.
Inside the envelope, the driver puts their license, registration and insurance card to give to an officer.
Norwalk police say they've been doing this kind of training for years. There are also helpful tips on the outside of the blue envelope.
The blue envelopes are available at police departments and at the Department of Motor Vehicles.