Blue Knights head to Rockefeller Center to donate toys, money to police charities

The Blue Knights, a nonprofit of active and retired law enforcement officers, are riding their motorcycles from the Jon Bon Jovi service area to Rockefeller Center today to donate and raise money for multiple police charities.
The money raised is going toward the families of those who have died in the line of duty in the NYPD and the New Jersey State Police.
The toys they are bringing with them are being donated to Toys for Tots.
About 500 bikes will be partaking this year with a full police escort into Midtown.
"It's really an amazing experience for anybody who is a motorcyclist," said retired NYPD Sgt. Steven Cataneo. "...It's really about community...We're all enjoying it. We're all loving it. We're all here for a great cause."
Cataneo, who represents the 15th chapter of the Blue Knights, says it is the “largest law enforcement motorcycle club in the world.”