Boat show brings luxury yachts and more to Bridgeport this weekend

A Bridgeport boat show is set to bring luxury yachts and more to the city this weekend.
The Steelpoint Yacht and Charter Show runs from today through Sunday at the Bridgeport Harbor Marina.
Aside from boats, the show will also feature rare cars, private jets, and helicopters.
Due to pandemic precautions, the show is invitation-only, but tickets are still available.
Attendees will be required to have their temperatures taken when they arrive. Masks and hand sanitizers will also be given out, and staff will clean up throughout the event.
Organizers say the event benefits the city.
"In every type of service that we had, we hired Bridgeport people. Our cleaning service, our florist, the cater. Everything is locally to Bridgeport," says promoter Jennifer Jones.
"We sold out the Holiday Inn Hotel here in Bridgeport. We’re excited to say that because, given the COVID times, hotels are struggling. So, the economic impact, the visibility to Bridgeport, this [is] really a positive on all sides," says Steelpoint Harbor developer Robert Christoph.
Organizers hope to raise up to $20,000 for local charities.