Boaters say 'no dump' rule on Sound no big deal

Boaters say Gov. Rell?s recent creation of a ?No Discharge Area? in Connecticut?s portion of the Long Island Sound will not affect them much because it?s already easy to dump their waste responsibly.
Some boaters have previously dumped on-board sewage straight into the sound, but now they have to either call a pump-out boat or pull up to a land-based pump and get rid of the waste themselves.
Jake Backer, who works on a pump-out boat, says he has a steady stream of customers waiting to have their toilet water taken out five days a week. p>Backer says that over the past four years, demand for the free service has quadrupled. ?I think a lot of people have just taken a lot higher interest in making sure that the water is protected,? he said.
Boaters said using the pump-out boats program is easy and convenient, and that the ?No Discharge Area? designation is not much of an adjustment.
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