Boy, Girl Scouts camp in Milford to collect food to donate for Thanksgiving

Boy and Girl Scouts in Milford will be camping out this weekend to collect food to feed some 350 families this Thanksgiving.
Cars drop off food donations in the front, and everything comes to a tent where it's sorted and separated into boxes. About 250 volunteers are helping out during this year's event.
All leftover food will be donated to several other food pantries.
One of the leaders of the event tells News 12 what the food drive is all about and the importance of getting the Scouts involved to give back to the community.
Organizers say they usually rely on supermarkets in the area to donate about 60% of the food - but because of COVID-19 restrictions, many of them couldn't participate.
They're now relying on the community more this year for items - and specifically, items like turkey, so they can provide Thanksgiving meals to local families.