Bpt. acting police chief's first week marked by death

Bridgeport's new acting police chief's first week on the job has been marked by three homicides.
Hours after Acting Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. was promoted Tuesday, two men in their 20s were slain in a shooting on Norman Street. Within 30 minutes, another young man was stabbed to death nearby on Stillman Street.
Gaudett says he hasn't spent much time in his new office since the promotion. According to the newly sworn-in chief, he's focused on supporting his detective bureau as it works to solve the murders.
"It's a shame that it had to happen," he says. "We're pursuing it relentlessly. We're making some headway."
Gaudett says he is also utilizing his time to save the jobs of officers in his department.
"Right now, job one is to try and convince the administration we can save these 10 jobs," he says. "That we can have fiscal discipline within the department, that we can reduce overtime, that we can find some savings in the budget and that we can move forward and continue to give the citizens the best public safety possible."
Mayor Bill Finch is unsure the jobs can be saved.
"Unfortunately, you can't always do what you want to do," says Finch.
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