Breakdancing legend 'Frosty Freeze' dies

Wayne ?Frosty Freeze? Frost, a breakdancing pioneer and Bronx native, died Friday at Mount Sinai Medical Center after a long illness. He was 44.
Frost might be best remembered for his performances as a member of the Rock Steady Crew in 1983?s ?Flashdance,? which set off a worldwide breakdancing craze.
Frost was known for his energetic style, intricate choreography and fearless dance moves, including back flips and head spins. Frost?s friends say they?ll miss him and remember him as a hip-hop original and Bronx legend.
?Well, I would miss?remembering when [the Rock Steady Crew] were in Bronx River Center and they were breakdancing,? said DJ Cool Clyde. ?It was just a wonderful thing to be able to remember him, Frosty Freeze, and hip-hop.?