Breast cancer survivor determined to live life to its fullest while helping other diagnosed women

A Westport woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer is determined to live her life to the fullest and help others along the way as she continues her recovery.
"I didn't get a death sentence when I got my diagnosis, but it still felt like that, it felt very serious," Melissa Levy says.
"I remember last year feeling like 'I really hope I'm here one year later to have this conversation, and I hope we're here 20 years later, and we're old ladies together talking about all the things we did in our lives,'" Levy tells News 12 Connecticut.
It's not just a physical battle Levy is recovering from. It is also an emotional one.
"It's not kind of a one-and-done. It stays with you forever," Levy says. She says she has been combatting her anxiety by turning her thoughts into something positive.
"A bucket list, so I feel fulfilled and satisfied in my life, and bring more joy into my life and the other piece is to help others," Levy says.
Some of them are simple changes. Levy says she dons the color pink and even dyed her hair that color.
Levy also helps mentor other women with breast cancer diagnoses. She always dedicates the time for other women who are going through the same journey.
Levy joined Pink Aid which helps mentor women and provide financial aid for those dealing with a breast cancer diagnoses.
Levy even took up painting.
"I always wanted to paint, and it was something I just never got to and I finally did," she says.
Due to COVID-19, Levy has been socially isolated, and not able to travel, but family trips are on the bucket list.
"I'm hoping to go on a safari," Levy says. "The idea of being able to make some dreams come true is overwhelming."
Levy says she will continue to have the drive to spark joy, all while helping others.