Bridgeport and Stamford food banks hit hard by rising costs of products

Inflation and high gas prices are taking a toll on people who are food insecure and the organizations that are trying to help them.
Volunteers are in dire need at Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry in Bridgeport to meet food demands.
"Amidst the rising cost in gas and food we've been seeing at least 15 new families a week," said Pastor Mary Green, with the Bishop Jean Williams Food Pantry.
Green says she hopes this food pantry will have enough to go around to meet the demands of the new people going there because they lost their jobs.
"It’s a very disheartening thing when you don't have enough money to put food on your table to feed your children and so we are just so blessed to be able to be here to meet that need," said Green.
The boxes being packed there will need to cover 600 families a week.
"Thirty percent of the children living in Fairfield County are living in poverty and people don't get it," said Kate Lombardo, with the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County in Stamford.
Lombardo says she has some empty shelves and rising shipping costs are making it harder to afford the supplies she needs.
"A pallet used to cost $75 to ship. Now a pallet of food like this costs $350 to ship," said Lombardo.
The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County serves 90 agencies relying on merchants and state and local food drives to feed the hungry.
"They’re facing either eating or they’re facing homelessness," said Lombardo.
If you would like to donate to either of these food banks, click here and here.