Bridgeport church cleaning up after rains

Services were canceled Sunday at the House of Prayer and Deliverance because of flooding caused by rains.
The storm that swept through the region Saturday left the church overflowing with water that was littered with excrement and raw sewage. ?I'd rather be having services than [be] here cleaning up,? says Willie Ellis, a deacon at the church. ?It just [doesn?t] feel good."
According to Ellis, Mother Nature isn?t solely at fault for the flood. He says a blocked drainage system is also to blame.
Also, Ellis says the area around the Wallace Street church has a history of flooding. ?I know in this area every time there's a big rain it just floods outside,? he says. ?If you're sitting outside on that side of the road, you can't even open your door to get out of your car.?
Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch says the city is working to fix the problem. ?Our sewage system in Bridgeport in some places is hundreds of years old, and we are gradually replacing it and separating it so that storm water is not mixed with sewage,? he says.
Finch says that any Bridgeport residents who are experiencing similar issues can call the city?s 211 help line for assistance.