Bridgeport church program sees 40% increase in homelessness over past 6 months

The head of a Bridgeport church that has a program designed to help people facing homelessness says the number of clients he's seeing is on the rise.
Asia Garner, 33, who has a brain tumor, is one of them.
"It's very heartbreaking. I've been crying all the time. My daughter…she shouldn't have to see her mother in distress like that,” Garner said.
Rev. Doctor Herron K. Gaston, of Summerfield United Methodist Church, said he's seen a 40% increase in people facing homelessness over the past six months.
Garner, a single-working mother with a 14-year-old daughter and a baby, says her lease is up and her landlord doesn't want to renew it. She said she doesn't want an eviction on her record, and she can't find another apartment she can afford.
“I have PTSD behind the fear of being homeless again. It's happened too many times. I've slept in the car with my kid before," she said.
Garner said as she undergoes treatment for her brain tumor, she's supposed to avoid stress. 
The family has a GoFundMe to help them get into a new place.