Bridgeport City Council express 'deep disappointment' after former Police Chief AJ Perez arrested

The Bridgeport City Council says it's "deeply disappointed" following the resignation of former Police Chief AJ Perez, who was arrested Thursday amid a federal investigation.
Perez resigned along with civil service director David Dunn. They are charged with fraud after a federal investigation alleged they conspired to rig the police chief's exam in 2018 so Perez would get the job.
City Council members say they're "deeply disappointed by the whole situation, but must now focus on finding a full-time police chief."
The council says it wants to hire an independent investigator to look into Perez's arrest. Councilman Scott Burns says that Perez has received a big cash payout, while Councilwoman Maria Pereira has also called for Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim to resign.
The majority of Council members say they're reserving judgement until the process plays out.
Ganim's office released a statement, saying, "While acknowledging clear disappointment, the mayor reiterated that he gave a clear directive that the process be …conducted professionally, fairly, and timely, in accordance with the City's Charter. The mayor has expressed his appreciation that most members of city leadership are now pulling together at a time when we need to unify to make appropriate change and move forward."