Bridgeport City Council leadership calls for Maria Pereira to resign following derogatory comments

On Thursday, a group of council members, joined by religious leaders and Sen. Herron Gaston, held a press conference in front of the police department, repeating their call for Councilwoman Maria Pereira to resign.
The demand comes after an alleged email Pereira sent out with derogatory comments towards the Muslim community.
"It is unacceptable that a local elected leader uses such language that is harmful and divisive, all at the same time, especially within our chamber -- an action that was disrespectful to the public itself," said City Council President Aidee Nieves.
On Tuesday, city council leaders released a detailed statement on a meeting that took place with members calling for an end to violence in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank.
The meeting sparked the councilwoman to respond in an email referring Muslim members of the Bridgeport community who attended the Council meeting as a 'mob' and 'thugs.'
Jorge Cruz, a council member, says he does not agree with the demand for her resignation.
"I agree that she should be punished, absolutely, but I do not agree that she should resign [because] she was voted in by the people in her district," said Cruz.
The Bridgeport Council issued a statement condemning Pereira’s actions.
News 12 contacted Pereira for comment, but the councilwoman declined to comment, citing plans to sue media outlets and city officials for defamation.
You can find the press release from the Bridgeport City Council below.