Bridgeport community seeks to help grandmother who recently had legs amputated

The Bridgeport community is coming together to help a grandmother who's struggling after losing both of her legs to a chronic illness.
Robin Garay, 61, says she just went through the traumatic experience of losing both legs up to the groin, as a result of chronic artery disease.
She says she experiencing many difficulties now especially in her own house. She tells News 12 she cannot get into with her wheelchair and that somebody has to physically carry her.
She needs a ramp to get in the house, and says she's trapped without help.
"I can't even get out of bed to get into the chair to come out here myself," Garay says. "So I'm stuck just looking at the ceiling."
The problem is, she gets less than $800 a month in assistance and an aid who helps her only a few hours a week.
Her friends and neighbors are asking for the community to come together and assist this grandmother.
"I just hope that as a community we can truly, I mean sincerely, put some effort into helping this young lady," said Tony Barr of the Democratic town committee.
In the meantime, Garay says she is praying that she will be able to get changes made to her home to make it more handicapped-accessible.