Bridgeport couple's apartment burglarized while in hospital for kidney donation, transplant

A Bridgeport man is giving the gift of life to his fiancée, but police say criminals saw their plans on social media and targeted them for profit.
Cesar Larrea, 25, announced on social media that he donated a kidney to 37-year-old Luis Montanez at Yale New Haven Hospital Tuesday. Investigators say when the suspects heard the news, they used the opportunity to break into the couple's apartment with a screwdriver while the pair were having their surgeries.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who was Connecticut's top police officer for 20 years, says the crime is so outrageously insensitive, he plans to tell his colleagues about it on the Senate Judiciary Committee with the hope of stiffening penalties for criminals who use the internet to target people with disabilities.
The victims' mothers are pressing Bridgeport police to use DNA testing on the blood left behind when the intruder apparently cut themselves.
The suspects stole thousands of dollars' worth of the couple's property.
A GoFundMe was created to help the couple.