Bridgeport families relocated after fire

Several Bridgeport families are being relocated by the Red Cross Tuesday morning after a fire tore through their home.
The fire happened just after 5 p.m. Monday on Huntington Road.
Firefighters say the blaze started in a second floor bedroom, and when they arrived on the scene, they had to work quickly to keep the flames from spreading to the house next door.
No one was hurt.
Bridgeport Fire Department Assistant Chief William Hathaway said, “There were no injuries. At the time there were two children in the house who got out before our arrival. Red Cross is going to relocate five adults and seven children at this time. At this time our fire investigator is on scene, it's under investigation."
Over 30 firefighters worked in rotating shifts to put out the blaze.
Some of the vinyl siding on a neighboring house melted in the heat but crews were able to set up a ladder and control the flames coming through the roof.