Bridgeport family at risk of becoming homeless following fire

A Bridgeport family who has been living out of a motel in Milford says they are close to being homeless after their home was destroyed in a fire.
Ron Piro is a Bridgeport truck driver and a proud member of Teamsters Local 191.
He takes special pride in telling people about his family and the role they've played in his life.
The family's lives were turned upside down when a fire ripped through their apartment on Palisade Avenue in Bridgeport six weeks ago. It was indirectly caused by an act of kindness.
Ron and his wife Lisa lost everything in the fire, after taking in a friend who lost their home due to an eviction.
That person left a running hairdryer unattended in their home.
Unfortunately, the couple was uninsured at the time of the fire.
Since the fire, they have been paying thousands of dollars a month to live at a motel in Milford and are spending almost everything they make in the process.
"I don't see how we're going to rent an apartment because they want first month, last month and also security," said Piro.
The family says they do not know how much longer they will be able to afford the $3,000 per month it costs to stay in the motel and are worried they may become homeless.  
Between the housing shortage and the high cost of rent, they say their own security is in jeopardy.
In addition, Ron and Lisa Piro say they're eligible for less help from the government because they both work full time.
Right now, Ron Piro's priority is to get back on his feet and take care of his family.  
The family has a GoFundMe page that can be found here.