Bridgeport family claims loved one's remains relocated from Park Cemetery without their permission

A Bridgeport family says their loved ones' remains have been relocated from Park Cemetery without their permission.
Tonya Shelton says her brother's remains were separated from his headstone and cemetery.
Officials haven't denied the allegation. The former manager of the historic cemetery, who's since died, was prosecuted for digging up graves.
It was part of a scheme to defraud families by double-stacking and double-selling the same funeral plots.
“This is devastating to people. Even though my brother died 27 years ago, he's still in my heart,” Shelton says. “That's disrespectful to remove someone's plot or their stone and not have it together."
News 12 reached out to the Cemetery Association for a comment.
Shelton says the association pledged to correct the problem once the weather warms up and the ground gets softer.