Bridgeport family displaced by fire plead for help in finding temporary home

A Bridgeport family is asking for the public's help following a condo fire that they say is about to leave them homeless.
Health care worker Elizabeth Seraphin said a fire that started elsewhere in her complex back in December left her unit unlivable.
The family has been staying in a hotel ever since, but the single-working mother said Sunday was the last day that her insurance would pay for it, and she doesn't want to end up on the street.
Seraphin said her 14-year-old son has serious chronic health problems.
"He has sickle cell and also he's asthmatic, and to deal with all of this gives him emotional distress and, at one point, he had a crisis, and he hadn't had a crisis in a while. Due to this, he had a crisis and I had to take him to the hospital to get pain medication to help him with that," she said.
Seraphin said she called 211 and the family was put on a waiting list for a shelter, but her son can't stay in a shelter due to his health problems.
Her friends have started a GoFundMe to help the family.