Bridgeport F.D. gives away free smoke detectors

The Bridgeport Fire Department is renewing its efforts to ensure every home in the city has a working smoke detector.
Fire officials say they are in the middle of a five-year grant that allows them to give away the free smoke detectors. The department re-markets the program in order to keep the public?s attention. This year?s campaign is dubbed the ?Safe Asleep Program.?
Fire officials say smoke detectors helped everyone escape last week?s fire on the corner of Hanover and Seely streets. There was also a tragic fire on Fairfield Avenue in December 2007 where three people were killed. Fire officials say due to the damage, they'll never know if there were working smoke detectors or not.
It was similar incidents that started the free giveaway program three years ago. ?What started this whole initiative back in 2005 was we had eight fire fatalities in one year and in each and every case there were no working smoke alarms in the apartment,? says Deputy Chief Robert Petrucelli.Bridgeport Fire Department