Bridgeport girl, mom attacked by dozens of kids in fight posted to Snapchat

A Bridgeport mom says she ended up getting hurt while trying to pull a bunch of kids off her 13-year-old daughter as they were attacking her.
The incident happened last week near Tisdale School, where she says dozens of kids had waited around after dismissal from the Lighthouse Summer Program to attack her daughter.
The single, working mom says she tried to pull the kids off her daughter but ended up getting punched in the face, leaving her nose fractured in two places.
The incident was recorded and posted on Snapchat.
She tells News 12 that she called police herself when she found out about the incident. She alleges that the program was aware of a plan by the kids to attack her daughter, and says it could have been prevented.
Program officials releasing a statement saying, "These encounters took place after program hours and off program property. After trying unsuccessfully to reach the student's mother, we took the student and her siblings home out of an abundance of caution and concern for her safety. Any incident that may have happened after that point is not related to this program."
The Lighthouse Summer Program is not connected to Bridgeport Public Schools.