Bridgeport gives forever homes to 9 children on National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day meant forever homes for five dozen children across Connecticut Friday.
Christian Soto was singing in a courtroom -- that's how excited he was to legally be adopted by his grandparents. Christian's grandparents have been taking care of him his whole life.
Smiles could be seen throughout the courtroom, even from the judge, as the adoption went through for the Waterbury child who just turned 4.
Bridgeport Superior Court completed nine adoptions Friday, three relative adoptions, and the rest in foster care.
Marie Lucien is a social worker for Bridgeport's Department of Children and Families. She has been working with Soto's family for the past few years. She says it's been tough work, but days like Friday make it all worth it.
"For him to have a forever family, he is with his grandparents who are now his parents, his aunts who are now is sisters. Now he will have that special bond he will always be with family," says Lucien.
In Connecticut, 532 adoptions were completed this year, 30% of which where relative adoptions.