Bridgeport grandmother's SNAP benefits at risk due to Trump administration ruling

A formerly homeless Bridgeport grandmother's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance is at risk of disappearing as the Trump administration tightens work requirements for people on food stamps.
City officials say 54-year-old Dawna Melvin meets the criteria for the SNAP program, but could end up losing her food stamp benefits under the new rules laid out by the Trump administration.
Melvin says she was horrified to get the news because up until recently she was homeless.
The grandmother was homeless until one year ago, and says the $196 in monthly benefits she gets are barely keeping food in her refrigerator — and losing that money would put her way behind in rent, making her current living situation impossible to maintain.

Official say the move will affect some 750,000 people who rely upon the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or SNAP, program.