Bridgeport H-VAC company launching YouTube show in honor of founding uncle

The owner of an H-VAC company in Bridgeport will be launching a new YouTube show on Monday in honor of the family member who founded the business and whose legacy inspires the show.
For Joe Mobilio, who travels across the region installing and servicing H-VAC systems climbing the success ladder is important, but more important are the values instilled in him by his uncle Anthony Mobilo, founder of Mobilio & Son Heating & Cooling, which Joe Mobilio now owns and operates.
"He would always tell me…follow your dreams and never give up, and with that said, that's exactly what I'm doing in his name," Joe Mobilio
Anthony Mobilio died from cancer last year. Now, Joe Mobilio is kicking off his own YouTube reality series that celebrates the values his uncle taught him.
One of those values, he says, is looking out for your neighbor – a theme he comes back to over and over again in the Boiler Boyz series. His company is well-known for donating their services to people in need.
Joe Mobilio's online reality show is a wholesome mix of encounters with customers, like firefighter Al Dominy, and reflections from his own workers.
"I think it's pretty cool to give people that insight of everyday life of an HVAC installer or service tech. There's a lot more to it than what people think," Dominy says.
For a crew of hardworking AC guys – life doesn't get any cooler than this.
"I truthfully have this business and I'm keeping it going in his name and this will be a legacy. I promise you this," Joe Mobilio says.