Bridgeport homeless encampment under I-95 overpass to be taken down

The state Department of Transportation is shutting down the tent city under I-95 in the East End of Bridgeport where dozens of homeless people live.
Officials with the DOT say they will be shutting down the homeless encampment because it is illegal for people to dwell on the state-owned property.
Carmen Colon, who heads up the YMCA in Bridgeport, says every single person who has been living in the tent city will have an alternate place to stay beginning Wednesday night. Come Friday, officials will be fencing off the area and officially shutting the place down.
"I urge anybody who is staying at tent city to please come to us at 650 Park Ave., where you will be safely housed. And our staff is going out there from Operation Hope and Recovery Network Of Programs, the staff from YMCA are going there, we will let you know where to come," Colon says.
Some people are opposed to going to shelters because they would be forced to get rid of their belongings.
The DOT says fencing will be placed around the area in the coming weeks.