Bridgeport man accused of causing fatal crash appears in court on larceny charges

A Bridgeport man accused of causing a fatal car crash is facing larceny charges for the incident that police say led to it.
The family of 26-year-old Jason Fonseca-Kennedy went to court Thursday seeking justice in his death three weeks ago.
Fonseca-Kennedy suffered fatal injuries when his pickup truck on South Avenue in Stratford was sideswiped by a Honda. Police say 38-year-old Jamar Blackburn, of Bridgeport, was behind the wheel of that Honda. Blackburn used a walker in the courtroom Thursday, authorities say, as a result of injuries suffered in the crash.
Police say Blackburn sped through a stop sign while coming off I-95 at Exit 31.
"He killed my son, my innocent son that was just driving that afternoon. He needs to know that," said Marlene Fonseca, Fonseca-Kennedy's mother.
The family shouted in the courtroom following Blackburn's appearance, they say, because he only appeared on larceny charges.
Police say shortly before the fatal crash, Blackburn had tried to scam a man who had agreed to sell him a watch in a parking lot in Milford. When the person realized he had been scammed, they say the victim followed Blackburn, who ended up speeding away and causing the fatal crash.
Police in Stratford say they have applied for a warrant to charge Blackburn in connection with the crash.
"This man does not belong on the streets. He's clearly a threat to everyone around him," said Fonseca.
The judge raised Blackburn's bond from $25,000 to $30,000. He's due back in court Oct. 7.