Bridgeport man critically hurt after being struck by car

A Bridgeport man is fighting for his life three days after being struck by a car on East Avenue.
Anthony Johnson, 31, broke several bones and underwent two operations, according to his family.
They say was transferred from Bridgeport to Yale New Haven Hospital due to the severity of his injuries and remains on a respirator in critical condition.
Police say Johnson was getting something of a family member's car, which was parked in front of their home, when a passing vehicle struck him Thursday night. They say the vehicle dragged him halfway down the block.
Authorities tell News 12 the driver of the car stopped and called 911, passed a field sobriety test and is not facing any charges.
Johnson's family says he is a beloved member of the community. He's a Bassick High School alumni and is well-known throughout Bridgeport.
The victim's aunt, Deborah Johnson, says that in spite of being of being traumatized by witnessing the accident, she is deeply grateful that it was not a hit-and-run.
"It's a good thing the guy stayed, he even called 911. That's why I know there's a good God up there and thank God my nephew is still living today," she says.