Bridgeport man injured in explosion while inflating air mattress

A senior citizen was injured in an explosion while inflating an air mattress with a can of ‘fix-a-flat,’ police say.
Juan Roberto was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center where he was treated for a collapsed lung.
The victim's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.
The incident happened Wednesday at 168 Beechwood Ave. between Norman Street and Wood Avenue around 6:30 p.m.   
Police say an explosion ripped a giant hole in the side of the house sending a picture window sailing across the driveway and shards of glass flying through the air.
They say Roberto was using the aerosol product to inflate an air mattress when fumes came in contact with a burning candle in the room, triggering the explosion.
Neighbors tell News 12 it sounded like a bomb went off when the explosion took place.