Bridgeport man saves toddler grandson from his own pit bull

A Bridgeport grandfather yanked his own dog off his wife and grandson Monday after it attacked.
Animal control officers seized the pit bull Tuesday morning.
The 1-year-old, who lives in Waterbury, was staying with his grandparents at their Bond Street home when the dog lunged Monday afternoon.
The grandmother told police that her grandson was holding onto the side of her wheelchair when the dog attacked.
The boy's grandfather says he heard the commotion and went to help. 
He says he went into the room and saw his wife huddled over the baby, shielding him from the dog with her body.
"I slapped him upside the head, grabbed him by the hind legs and put him in the bathroom," he says.
The child was treated for bruises and scratches at Bridgeport Hospital. He has already been released.
"I'm not faulting the animal," says Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez. "I love animals, but in a case like this, that combination of the grandmother in the wheelchair, boy being a year old and the dog being dominant, it's lethal."
The child's grandmother told police she thought the dog got jealous and that's why it lunged at the little boy. She also said she can no longer care for the animal and does not want it back.