Bridgeport man shot by officers demands accountability from police department

Two men involved in a traffic stop by police that left one with a gunshot wound held a news conference in Bridgeport Sunday, demanding accountability from the police department.
Authorities say the FBI and Bridgeport police were trying to pull over a vehicle near Catherine and Main streets Tuesday after finding out the people in the car were planning to use an illegal handgun that was in their possession.
They say the driver, Dennis Waiters, ended up getting shot in the leg by police - while passenger LaMain Heard says he got cuts and bruises while being stopped after trying to flee what he initially thought was a targeted attack by civilians.
The state's attorney released surveillance video on Friday showing parts of the incident, but Waiters and Heard, who say neither of them has been charged, say that video doesn't tell the full story.
The report says four of the five police-operated vehicles had their lights and sirens activated. To read the full report, click here.