Bridgeport mom calls for safer intersection after son hit by truck

A Bridgeport mom whose son is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a pickup truck is calling on the city to make the intersection where the accident happened safer.
The accident left a 7-year-old boy in serious condition at Yale New Haven Hospital.
The incident happened on Park Avenue near the intersection of Cottage Street Saturday.
Leslie Arrington, the boy's mom, says her son is being treated for blood on his brain and injury to his thoracic spine after being struck by a pickup truck.
"This is the third incident that occurred there and I'm outraged and I'm disgusted that my child had to be hit," Arrington says.
Arrington is calling on the city to improve traffic safety, possibly with a stop sign, speed bumps or a traffic light.
"I would like something to be done by the city of Bridgeport, like a stop sign or anything at that area to prevent this from happening again," Arrington says.
Mayor Joe Ganim tells News 12 Connecticut he will study the problem.
"Immediately today, we'll put the visual display that tells drivers exactly how fast they're going and ask them to slow down," says Ganim. "We want to deal with this corner so that no child, no mother and no child, ever has to worry about cars going too fast and maybe having a similar situation happen."
Arrington say the sooner the city acts, the better.
"It's concerning me because the summertime is coming and children ride bikes and children are riding skate boards," she says.
Arrington says her son was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon wearing a back brace and bandages, but he's expected to make a full recovery.