Bridgeport mother pleads for disability housing for son, daughter injured jumping from fire

A Bridgeport mother is pleading for disability housing two months after her son and daughter were forced to jump from the third floor of their burning house, leaving them critically injured.
"I need the help from the housing for a three-bedroom apartment with wheelchair-accessible for my daughter. My daughter needs 24-hour care right now," said Janet Vazquez.
The fire happened on Hallett Street Dec. 8.
Vazquez says her 23-year-old daughter was transferred Friday from Bridgeport Hospital to Gaylord Rehab Hospital.
She will eventually go home to join her 21-year-old brother, who is also doing rehab, so the whole family can stay together.
City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron is working to get the family disability housing in the midst of a shortage.
"We're going to do the best we can, I'm going to be talking to them on a daily basis to try and get her the assistance she needs. No mother should have to go through all of this by themselves, especially knowing both her children jumped out a window to save their lives from a fire," said Herron.
The cause of that fire is still being investigated.